SPEAK programmes

"SPEAK" is a programme designed to bring together young people and adults of any background to give them the opportunity:

  1. to speak freely and to overcome their fear, hesitation, shyness...
  2. to improve their speaking skills in different life situation: conversations, discussions, meetings, presentations, interviews (informal & formal)...
  3. to improve their fluency, pronunciation, use of appropriate words & politeness language functions

Hence, making it easier for them to familiarise with and to integrate into British society.

"SPEAK" sessions comprise of various interactive activities:

and social activities: Get-togethers, Tea parties, Special Dinners, Barbecues, Fundraising, trips, etc.

SPEAK sessions

SPEAK for the community
Target group: Adults and Young people, of any background and at any level, in the community:

SPEAK for EFL/ESOL students:
Target group: EFL/ ESOL students studying in language schools or other language related institutions
All Levels : Beginners to Advanced

SPEAK for Professionals